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Bois Bande Muira Puama 125 ml
14.90 EUR
Fabrikant: Cobeco Pharma
Content: 125 ml
Price per 1 litre: 119.2 EUR

Our nature has plants they have potency supporting substances. Muira Puamia is a domiciled tree in South America whose bark, wood and plant root have this effect of naturally kind. The name Muira Puama mean potency-tree and will be used as aphrodisiac since over the centuries.

The Bois Bandť is the liquid form of that material and can be administer oral. It is an aphrodisiac that has stimulate, deoxidize and potency effect. You should taking the liquid 30 minute before start sexual intercourse too experience the fully effect by sex.

Donít exceed the recommended daily serve of maximum 3 ml (15 drops).
Bois Bande Muira Puama 125 ml

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