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Brand new Amsterdam Poppers

10.90 EUR
Content: 25 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

Alpha Super Strong Poppers is an incredibly strong room aroma that promises some very hot and intense sessions on your own or with your partner!

This famous poppers will unleash the alpha male in you and provide you with intense excitement and lust feelings to also suppress your inhibitions and let you live out your naughtiest fantasies.

The Alpha Super Strong Poppers is an extra strong isopropyl formula made in England to help you discover new heights of pleasure: poppers are famous for their vasodilator effect on your blood vessels for maximum relaxation as well as their special exciting sensations that will stimulate you and make you want to party all night long!

The 25ml bottle features a round design with large opening and a protective cap to enjoy your poppers for a longer time as it prevents it from losing its potency quickly.

The effect is very slightly delayed but once it hits, you will feel the strength of pure british propyl! If you love strong poppers and want to try one of the strongest brands from our poppers shop, get your Alpha poppers today!

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