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FistIt Water Based Lubricant 25 ml
5.90 EUR
Manufacturer: Shots

Content: 25 ml
Price per litre: 236.00 EUR

The water-based lube by FistIt is now available in a pocket format so you can always have an emergency lube on you for sudden urges to fuck! Take it anywhere you go with you, whether in your gym bag, your work briefcase or your holiday suitcase and you'll always be ready for some quick lubed up action!

FistIt is a water-based lubricant that has been specifically created for use with latex condoms. Simply apply to the desired part of your body and the selected ingredients guarantee a long-lasting gliding effect. FistIt has been specially developed to make anal sex much more pleasant due to its high-quality lubrication.

Be it on holiday, after a meeting, on the train or in the woods, you never know when you will need to lube up!

Product details:
✓ Water-based
✓ Condom-friendly lubricant
✓ Unique mixture
✓ For pleasant anal games
✓ Long-lasting glide
✓ Easy to wash off

FistIt Water Based Lubricant 25 ml

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