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Inflatable Butt Plug - Double Channel Dog Tail
  The Double Channel Dog Tail is an Inflatable Butt Plug made with the softest silicone material and can be pumped manually to di...
  48.90 EUR
  1 x 'Inflatable Butt Plug - Double Channel Dog Tail' order

Amadeus Vibrating Anal Plug + Watchme Remote
  Amadeus is a new type of anal plug with rotating pearls at its base so it can satisfy you through vibration and P-Spot stimulat...
  59.90 EUR
  1 x 'Amadeus Vibrating Anal Plug + Watchme Remote' order

Auto Inflate Silicone Anal Plug
  Try the Auto Inflate Silicone Anal Plug, a wonderful automatic butt plug that inflates and vibrates at your command thanks to t...
  69.90 EUR
  1 x 'Auto Inflate Silicone Anal Plug' order

Heavy Hitters Weighted Prostate Plug Large
  Get a heavy blow to your backdoor with the brand-new Heavy Hitters Comfort Plug in the Large size, a soft silicone plug with th...
  49.90 EUR
  1 x 'Heavy Hitters Weighted Prostate Plug Large' order

The Stout Inflatable & Vibrating Anal Plug
  The Stout is an inflatable and vibrating anal plug featuring 7 vibration modes and 3 different speeds for mind-blowing sensatio...
  56.90 EUR
  1 x 'The Stout Inflatable & Vibrating Anal Plug' order

The Brave Vibrating Anal Plug
  The Brave is a medium-sized anal plug with vibrating battery to create extra stimulation and deeply satisfying sensations for y...
  46.90 EUR
  1 x 'The Brave Vibrating Anal Plug' order

The Wild Magnetic Pulse Anal Plug
  With its thrusting and vibrating modes, the Wild is an incredible anal plug that offers deep rumbling vibrations and mind-blowi...
  52.90 EUR
  1 x 'The Wild Magnetic Pulse Anal Plug' order

The Bold Beaded Vibrating Anal Plug
  Featuring different vibration and pulsating modes, the Bold is a vibrating anal plug with an incredible design and stimulating ...
  49.90 EUR
  1 x 'The Bold Beaded Vibrating Anal Plug' order